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The United Nations military are leaving Haiti. Thousands of United Nations military personnel have been receiving chiropractic care over the last 4 years during Mission Life Internationals mission trips to Haiti. The Urugyuan military donated 20 bunk beds, 10 beds, 50 mattresses, cooking equipment, 3 containers filled with many other things to Mission Life International's mission projects. Please see pictures below. Dr. Morgan is spearheading the creation of a chiropractic school in Haiti that will be part of the Global Village of Hope. Mission Life International’s Global Village of Hope was founded in 2012 by Peter Morgan, DC; Gary Deutchman, DC; and Stephen Simonetti, DC. The Global Village of Hope began with a small school and orphanage in a small Haitian city called Ouanaminthe. The vision of the Global Village of Hope is multidimensional. The Global Village will include public grounds and a private campus in Ounaminthe, Haiti, with a small sister campus in Dajabon, Dominican Republic. Our public grounds will accommodate a public library, public athletic fields, public gardens, Chiropractic health center and a Christian church. Our private grounds will include a Christian University recognized by the Haitian Education Service. A clean potable water supply program and sports peer-to-peer education program. Campus housing will include several residence homes. (aproximately $50,000 US for each home) Our Mission Life University will include the first Christian Chiropractic College; a College of Language and Arts, a Theological College, a Vocational College including auto mechanics, woodworking, electrical studies, plumbing, fine arts, computer science, tourism (travel/leisure), hygiene, sanitation, goal setting, small business, and astronomy.

During his 31-year career as a chiropractor, Peter Morgan, DC, has lead 79 teams who have adjusted millions of men, women, and children. 79 humanitarian trips over the past 15 years, many of them sponsored and promoted by the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA).Because of the devastating earthquakes that nearly destroyed Haiti in 2010, Dr. Morgan has focused particular attention on the island of Hispaniola. For the last 5 years Dr. Morgan, has taken 25 different teams of chiropractors and chiropractic students to URUBATT 2, the Haiti United Nations military base. Some teams with as many as 96 chiropractors. They also had the opportunity to examine and adjust 5 different commanders, 6 colonels, many majors, captains, lieutenents, sergeants and thousands of military personal from Uruguay, Peru and Brasil who were stationed at this base over the last 5 years.

“One of the key goals of the WCA is to develop, promote, and support humanitarian programs that reach out to populations that, due to geographic or economic factors, cannot access chiropractic care. During the past two decades, Dr. Morgan been involved in mission trips from remote villages in Tibet to overcrowded tenements in the United States. Dr. Morgan states "We want to deliver Chiropractic care around the world even in remote areas in developing countries.

Dr. Morgan staes that his teams also had the opportunity to teach the “Straighten up America” program to the military from three countries. As a member of the WCA Board of Governors, Dr. Morgan works closely with Haitian health and government officials, as well as the departments within the United Nations. In December 1998, the WCA was named an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI). Dr. Morgan has been the lead chiropractic representative for the last 7 years. Part of Dr. Morgan's job is to make sure the chiropractic profession is educated on the global need for health care in general and chiropractic in particular. Dr. Morgan also serves as President of Mission Life International and as an International committee officer for the International Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Morgan added that, “At schools, we teach Straighten Up America and check all the children. Our team sees approximately 6,000 people a day – 6,000 people a day for 8 days. We not only check and adjust the people, we tell the chiropractic story to groups of 50 at a time. This is some awesome and fun work. Giving for the sake of giving, giving out of our own abundance. Using the blessing that God bestowed upon us – our healing hands.”

Before he embarks on another mission, he makes a plea of his own, for food, clothing, money, and support of any kind to help our people and in the construction of the village of hope and chiropractic school. “Dr. Morgan thanks all the people who have donated to our Mission Life International orphanage over the years, especially to the 3,900 chiropractors who have joined our trips over the last 15 years on these 79 chiropractic mission trips.

To learn more about these missions, or to sign up for an upcoming trip, visit or or call 646-323-9254.

The current United Nations personnel who are leaving Haiti consist of 8.720 soldiers and 3, 550 police, supported by 510 international staff, 1.214 national staff, and 231 UN volunteers.

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